Christian Bautista @ Premiere Night of Simfoni Luar Biasa Movie

okay soooo actually I got another chance to meet my idol, Christian Bautista. he came to Indonesia to promote his latest movie called Simfoni Luar Biasa. this movie was directed by Awi Suryadi and produced by Delon Tio.

I got the invitation to attend the Premiere Night on September 27th 2011, at XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta. I got it from the quiz created by Indo CF (Christian Bautista's fanbase in Indonesia) and Soraya Leite.

the premiere started at 8 pm, so I went to Epicentrum with my parents at 5:30 pm. I went early coz I don't wanna trapped in Jakarta's "depressing" traffic jam. but guess what: I kinda arrived TOO EARLY. saw the clock when I arrived; it was 6 pm. great. so we went to Starbucks and ordered some drinks to kill time. and when the time came, I walked myself to the XXI and meet fellow Indo CFs that also won the quiz. after taking pictures and some chitty chatty, we walked into the studio to watch the movie. too bad, we and Ian were not in the same studio. we were in studio 2, and he was in studio 1 with other casts and some local artists.

after the movie ended, we walked to the XXI lobby. it was so quiet there. it turned out that the movie in studio 1 was started at 9:30 pm. we were so disappointed coz we couldn't meet Ian at that time. then we decided to wait until the movie in studio 1 end, just in case we can meet him. we were standing in front of the studio 1 for like ages... and I felt really bad for making my parents waited for me that long (sorry Dad, Mum).

when the movie (finally) ended, Ian showed up. and of course we went after him, greeted him, and took photos with him. seeing him made us relieved and we were like, thank God we decided to stay and wait!! hahaha. I said to him that I am from Manado, and came all the way there to see him, then he thanked me and hugged me!! I was like, AAAAAAARGH! hahaha. too bad I couldn't talk much to him, because standing in front of him really made me frozen and nothing came out from my mouth but weird mumbles. LITERALLY. I don't even know why I can't talk to him properly. hahaha. same thing happened when I met him in Manado. guess I really gotta meet him frequently so I can talk properly, loud, and clear. hahaha.
that premiere night was really awesome, and I'm really grateful meeting fellow Indo CFs. they were so kind and friendly. oh and here are some pics from the premiere night:

fellow Indo CFs!

with Sopian (fellow Indo CF) and Mama Ira

with BCL

got a hug! :)

Indo CF with Ian

hope I can see him again next time!

err... welcome?
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