That's what I thought.
Turned out you ain't no different, no.
You're waiting, you said.
Turned out you're not.
Figuring out takes time longer than I've ever imagined.
And just when I figured it out,
you never turned your back.
You never noticed my efforts.
By the end of the year you will completely disappear.
Hard, yes, but I'll try harder.
By the time next year starts,
I'll make sure the thought of you won't come back;
like it did million times before.
This time, it will definitely won't come back.
You're not worth it, no.
When I've moved on,
I'll keep moving forward.
Don't ever expect me to turn my back.
I won't; like exactly what you did.
And don't regret it;
maybe we're just not meant to be together.

err... welcome?
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