Christian Bautista @ Charity Night - the story!!

so here's the story:

kuya Ian came to Manado, my hometown, to perform in a charity night for a church. he performed in Jumbo restaurant, on December 7, 2010.

so as a fan of him, of course I attended that event. I already bought the ticket from few days before.

on the day, I went there with my 2 friends. we were waiting for like 2 hours. after the performances of some local singer and band, the host said: "if you are Christian Bautista's huge fan, come over here! (to the stage)".

at that time, I planned to go to the stage. my friends were also like, "go there! go!" to me. but I can't gather enough courage to go to the stage. when I looked around, nobody was going to the stage. moreover, the host came down from the stage to look for 'Ian's huge fan'.

then a woman finally went to the stage with the host (but I can see her expression that she doesn't want to go to the stage, lol!). then after some chit-chat with that woman, the host said to her, "okay thank you, please sit down...". lol! I feel relieved at that time, I was like, 'ohh thank God I didn't go to the stage, because in the end kuya Ian didn't show up! hahaha".

then kuya Ian came out, while he was singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". goshh! he was sooooooo charming in a black suit that he was wearing... after the song, he talked, and also said some phrases in Indonesian language. oh and this is my favorite quote from him: "You know, it's a blessing, to be a blessing..." that was cool hahaha.

then he sang "Beautiful Girl", that he dedicated to all beautiful girls there at that night. after that, kuya Ian said: "hmm, I need a volunteer..." and with no hesitation, I stood up and raised my hand. luckily, it was just me who stood up so when kuya Ian saw me he asked me to join him on the stage.

I went there, and my heart were like beating sooo fast... and when I was standing in front of him, I said, "hi kuya!" and kuya Ian asked, "hi, are you a Filipino?" I laughed and said, "no, kuya..." then he asked, "are you here with your family?" then I answered, "oh no, I uh, I'm here uh, with my friends, uhm, they, they, there were my, uh, friends, uh, there" (while pointed to my friends). I stuttered like crazy, and I was shaking like crazy too when I was looking at his face that close... I couldn't think of grammatical phrases at that time (yes, my english is bad). then he asked "does your mom knows you're here?" and I answered "yes." well the next conversations were full of 'yes/no questions' so I answered easily hahahha.

and this is the part that so embarassing: kuya Ian asked, "are you a minor?" and I was like, GOSH! what minor means? minority? minor? minor like A minor, B minor, E minor in music keys? but that doesn't sound compatible with the phrase! okay I admit that my english vocabulary is not that much... I really didn't know what minor means! and I stupidly answered "uh, uh, what, uh, do you mean?" then he changed the question, "how old are you?" and I answered "18." and yesterday I opened the dictionary, and it said that minor is a non adult people. uhh how come I didn't know that... hahahaha.

kuya Ian also asked, "have you ever been to Manila?" I answered "no, I haven't..." then he asked "do you want to go there with me?" hahaha I know that doesn't sound possible, so I said "yes!" confidently hahaha. and after some chats, kuya Ian said that he was going to practice singing for his wedding day, and "Since I Found You" intro started. then he held my hand (awwwww!!!) and started to sing. because I know the song and memorize the lyric, I also sang with him. he looked me in the eyes sooo deep while he was singing... ouch... then after the 1st chorus, he said "wow you know the song!"
"a lot!"
"of course!! I'm a fan of you!"
"thank you..."

then he continued singing. while he was still singing, he went down on one knee (still holding my hand)... and I was like AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!! I felt extremely happy... goshh... and after the song ended, he kissed my hand! aaaaaaaaawww!!! I felt like my heart was going to stop beating hahaha. then I went back to my seat with this happy feeling :)

after that he sang other songs... and after his performance ended, my friends asked me to chase after him, and we went to the room that he went to after the show. there were also lot of people there.

then when we got in, we took a picture with him. and I also got my CDs signed by him. then I saw sir Carlo there, and I intended to greet him... when kuya Ian and sir Carlo went out from the room to go to the lift, all my friends went after kuya Ian while I went after sir Carlo, hahaha. it seemed like I was the only one who know sir Carlo, because no one greeted him except me, hahaha.

then I said to sir Carlo while shaking his hand, "sir Carlo, I was the one who wrote on your wall (on facebook) asking the confirmation about Christian Bautista's coming!" and sir Carlo said "ooooh, yeah right!" I'm so glad that he remembered me hahaha. then when we almost reached the lift, kuya Ian put his hand on my shoulder and said "so, we're going to Philippines, right?" and we both laughed, hahaha.

while waiting for the lift, I took a picture with sir Carlo, but sadly the pic was shaky. then when they both got in the lift, I said to them "maraming salamat, kuya! sir Carlo!" and waved them goodbye. sir Carlo from inside the lift said to me, "facebook!" and smiled. I replied, "yeah!". woooww kuya Ian and sir Carlo are friendly, they really are!

so that's the whole story that makes me really happy until now, hahahha. I'm really thanking God for that wonderful moment :)

Christian Bautista @ Charity Night, Jumbo restaurant Manado, Dec 7th 2010

hey there guys! whaddup?

so, December 7th 2010 I got the chance to meet my idol - Christian Bautista, and here are the pics! enjoy CFs!

sorry for the bad quality...

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