The Sims 3 for iPhone/iPod touch Cheats

When i was in senior highschool, i installed the sims 2 on my PC. i really really love playing it, but after an incident happened (which i forgot what), i uninstalled that game on my PC :(
Then when i got my very own laptop at the 1st year in my college, i was having a bad time finding the DVD to install it... When i found the sims 3's DVD, another problem encountered: my laptop was getting slower and slower than i mind to realize, as the time passes by :( maybe that happened because of my RAM is only 1gb... Fyi, my laptop's operating system is windows vista so 1gb RAM is not enough i guess hahaha...
Sooo, as soon as i got this gadget (iPod touch) i installed THE SIMS 3...
It is soooo difficult to earn money... Concerning the fact that i cant shift+ctrl+c and enter motherlode to get 50000 simoleons, i'm kinda depressed playing it hahahaha.. I felt like the game progress is just sooooo slow, that it took really long to earn 1000 simoleons to upgrade my house hahaha...
Sooooo i googled, then i found this way to add simoleons quickly and easily:

-go to pause menu (the button with "..." on it) at the bottom left of the screen
-tap "help & about"
-scroll down and tap "gardening tips"
-shake your device (iPhone/iPod touch) to earn money! You can shake it and earn money as much as you want :)

Easy, right? :)

err... welcome?
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