Postingan Singkat dan Gak Penting Tentang Telor Mata Sapi

Postingan singkat. Kenapa postingan singkat? Karna kali ini gw gak bakal nulis panjang-panjang. Trus kenapa gak lewat miniblog alias twitter aja? Ya karna 140 karakter gak cukup lah! Apaan sih kok gw malah banyak tanya. Nanyanya ke diri sendiri lagi..capedeh

Jadi skrg gw ini lagi males-malesan di kasur depan tipi, sambil internetan. Mama gw lagi di dapur, lagi bikinin gw telor mata sapi. Abis gw laper sih. TAMAT

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The Sims 3 for iPhone/iPod touch Cheats

When i was in senior highschool, i installed the sims 2 on my PC. i really really love playing it, but after an incident happened (which i forgot what), i uninstalled that game on my PC :(
Then when i got my very own laptop at the 1st year in my college, i was having a bad time finding the DVD to install it... When i found the sims 3's DVD, another problem encountered: my laptop was getting slower and slower than i mind to realize, as the time passes by :( maybe that happened because of my RAM is only 1gb... Fyi, my laptop's operating system is windows vista so 1gb RAM is not enough i guess hahaha...
Sooo, as soon as i got this gadget (iPod touch) i installed THE SIMS 3...
It is soooo difficult to earn money... Concerning the fact that i cant shift+ctrl+c and enter motherlode to get 50000 simoleons, i'm kinda depressed playing it hahahaha.. I felt like the game progress is just sooooo slow, that it took really long to earn 1000 simoleons to upgrade my house hahaha...
Sooooo i googled, then i found this way to add simoleons quickly and easily:

-go to pause menu (the button with "..." on it) at the bottom left of the screen
-tap "help & about"
-scroll down and tap "gardening tips"
-shake your device (iPhone/iPod touch) to earn money! You can shake it and earn money as much as you want :)

Easy, right? :)

err... welcome?
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